mckenzie prosser, lme

master aesthetician


mother really does know best…

At least that's true for McKenzie Prosser, whose mother instilled the importance of a good skincare regimen before Prosser was even a teen. “My mother is my biggest influence,” the 26-year-old licensed master esthetician said. “She started me on skin care when I was in elementary school, where I developed a passion for healthy, beautiful skin.” 

Born and raised in Sammamish, this Northwest skincare professional has already worked at other top medical spas on the Eastside, spending years honing her skills with cutting-edge laser technologies. She’s excited to join the Strother Dermatology team to come up with simple-yet-effective treatments to help her clients achieve their aesthetic goals.  

When she’s not at the office, you might find her hanging out with her tight-knit family — her little brother also doubles as her best friend. She also has an giant Italian Mastiff who is “the light of my life!”

Although Prosser is a passionate person who loves her friends, dancing, and music, there is one thing she’s not willing to hand over. “I’m a pickle freak! I will eat the jar and drink all the juice. It’s the one thing in my kitchen that I won’t share.” 

The pickle obsession might be almost as eyebrow raising as her youthful appearance when folks first meet her.

“People are surprised at my knowledge and experience because of my age,” she said. 

Chances are her age will continue to be a mystery for many for years to come, thanks to her diligent skincare routine that began before she was old enough to get a blemish, and before she chose a career path where glowing youthful skin is the ultimate calling card. Thanks, Mom!


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