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Helen Keller famously said, “Keep your face to the sun and you cannot see a shadow.” Robin Schlosser loves that quote, but she would like to add that you should first apply sunscreen.

Schlosser grew up in the sunshiny Spokane area, where she was soaking up the rays on the water or riding motorcycles. She headed to the Seattle area after she finished school for better career opportunities. After working in traditional medicinal roles, she was exposed to the world of dermatology and was smitten — because nothing is more satisfying than helping people look and feel their best, she said. She’s been doing so for two decades.

If you love books and are looking for another voracious bookworm to talk shop, she is well read and averages at least two books a month. What’s her favorite? Depends — as a kid it was “The Little Princess”; as a teen “Atlas Shrugged” spoke to her. She has a long list of favorites — and yes, all the “Harry Potter” books are on it.

People are surprised when they find out this busy woman is also a grandma of seven. After all, how many grandmas do you know who can rock skis on both the snow and water, ride motorcycles, and can update quotes by famous people like Keller and get away with it?


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