stephanie martinez, lme

master aesthetician


Sharing Her Gift of Elevating Others…

Stephanie Martinez knows what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own skin — she went down that too-common dark rabbit hole starting in middle school when another kid told her that she needed to join a weight-loss program.

“Growing up I never thought I had a terrible body, or that I found myself thinking I was fat, until this one day in middle school,” Martinez said. “I was devastated and from that point on, I was always down about myself and my body image.” In high school, Martinez was on the varsity soccer team from her freshman year on and was a size 12. She wore sweatshirts to hide her body, even in the scorching Central Washington summer. “My family would always tell me, ‘You are an athlete, you have a lot of muscle, that is why you are big.’ None of those comments helped me with my confidence.”

Martinez started working for Strother Dermatology in May 2018, and she is their CoolSculpting specialist. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, fat-reducing treatment that helps with those stubborn problem areas when diet and exercise aren’t enough. She loves her job because she helps her clients get real results — and more importantly, feel better in their own skin.

“My main focus — and why I love what I do — is to help others not feel the way I used to,” she said. “Every single patient who walks through my door will feel happy, confident, and reassured that I have a plan for them — and it will work! They will leave here feeling better than when they came in.”

Martinez always has been the kind of woman who enjoys lifting others up and helping them feel their best. Even though she was a self-described “tomboy” in high school who loved sports, picking apples on the family orchards, playing in the dirt, and rescuing stray animals, she was also the girl who did everyone’s hair and make-up. Her natural talents led to bridal consultant and make-up artist jobs. Eventually, she enrolled in esthetics school: “My whole world opened up, there was so much more than just make-up.” She quickly learned dermatology was her calling — and CoolSculpting really got her fired up.

“What got me into CoolSculpting was the desire to change a patient’s outlook of themselves. Bring back the confidence they have lost in themselves,” she said. “If it’s to wear a tank top in the summer, or to get back to that body they once had before children, that is what I want to help others accomplish.”

When she’s not working to make others feel their best, she’s cheering on her own soccer-playing daughter, Natalie, who is 10. Or making dinner at home and watching Netflix with her daughter, her boyfriend, and his son, Ricky, 9. Even though she traded the country life for the city, she’s still saving animals — the family has five cats.