BBL Photo rejuvenation



With photo rejuvenation it will seem like the professionals at Strother Dermatology turned back time when your brown and reddish freckles, spots, and other blotches vanish from your face, neck, hands, chest, shoulders and more.

This non-invasive procedure is called Forever Young BBL by Sciton, the most advanced form of Intense Pulse Light (or IPL) treatments. It sends light energy deep into your skin to help combat past sun and environmental damage. This treatment also is a top choice of people who are trying to help prevent the signs of aging.

Most people don’t even need a topical anesthetic, since the procedure is so gentle. All you need to do is lay back with a protective eye mask. The treatment areas will feel warm, and the procedure will average anywhere from a few minutes to a half an hour. The number of treatments varies depending on the patient’s goals. And after treatment most people go back to their daily activities.