dr. megan neill

Board Certified Dermatologist


from personal experience to profession…

Imagine the kind of whimsical childhood where you were encouraged to play outside, the sun was almost always shining, and long summer days were spent at your grandma’s picturesque farm in quaint and cute Sealy, Texas — too much fun to be had, and no time or want for TV.

That sums up Dr. Megan Neill’s childhood — but the aftereffects were anything but dreamy. “I diagnosed my own skin cancers and had terrible experiences with dermatologists. I was treated completely wrong and dismissed several times with melanomas,” she said. “So I decided that the field of dermatology needed a mole-y, cancer-covered, sun-damaged doctor.”

She joined Strother Dermatology in 2014 — drawn to the Northwest for its lack of blistering heat and sun, and for the scenery. Now she, her husband and kids enjoy spending time outside — preferably in the shade. They like to bring along their pug-bulldog mix, Miles. “He weighs 65 pounds. We call him our pig dog,” she says.

At work she has an eagle eye: always on the lookout to make sure her patients get the right diagnosis and treatments. She also educates patients about what to watch out for. After all, five million people are diagnosed with skin cancer in the U.S. every year.

If the saying, “It takes one to know one” holds true — you can’t be more dialed in than a doctor who fought her own cancer battles. When asked to describe herself with just one word, that one’s easy for her to pick: “Grateful.”

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