megan landis, pa-c

certified physician assistant



If Megan Landis wasn’t helping people with their skin it’s possible she might have run away with the circus — she actually can do a catch on a flying trapeze. Or perhaps she could have had a shot as a successful comedienne.

“I was raised on the mean streets of Tampa, Florida, where I spent my time wrestling gators and dreaming of a cloudy, rainy city where I could make my home,” she said. “After my husband and I were run out of a few mid-size cities in the late ’90s, we moved to Seattle to pursue our dream of forming a grunge duet group loosely based on Sonny and Cher.”

Instead, she’s been with Strother Dermatology for six years, and is a self-proclaimed “lover of all things contact dermatitis.”

A typical day involves a lot of skin checks, some laser treatments, Botox, creating treatment plans, and a lot of coffee.

“I have an analytical mind and a penchant for luxury skin care items. Also, I am a caretaker by nature and enjoy helping people understand the mysteries of their skin problems and be part of their team to improve them,” she says. 

She loves most everything about her job — there is only one thing she tries to avoid: those darn pink Uncle Seth’s sugar cookies.

So if you love her, bring her some cookies. And if you hate her, which it’s doubtful anyone could, bring her some, too.


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