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Kelly Stevens is the sort of person that obliterates obstacles that get in her way. As a childhood cancer survivor who also wears an insulin pump to manage her type 1 diabetes, she has the ability to see the light in all situations.

Those medical experiences of her own are what led to her to pursue a career in medicine. “I wanted to help people as I had been helped so much along the way,” Stevens said. At Strother Dermatology and workplaces before, her connection with patients is more than skin deep.

“I always take the time to reflect on the patient’s perspective. This appointment might be the biggest part of their day or their week. It may be what they have been thinking or worrying about for days or will discuss with their family and friends at dinner that evening,” Stevens said. “A routine biopsy for us is sometimes an extremely anxiety-provoking procedure for a patient.”

Stevens is thrilled to be working in her hometown of Kirkland, where she grew up since the age of 3. The Lake Washington High School grad went to the University of Washington for her undergraduate degree, and Midwestern University in Glendale, Ariz., for her Physician Assistant Master’s Program. When she was doing pediatric rotations at Seattle Children’s Hospital she realized dermatology was her calling: “I was hooked!” She’s now been in dermatology for more than 11 years.

Stevens’ other passions include skiing, hiking, cooking, reading, and playing board games with her two kids and her husband. She sweats the small stuff out during her group fitness classes and just about every weekend in winter you’ll find her and the family at Crystal Mountain.

She fuels herself and family with veggies — so many veggies sometimes it’s tough to shut the fridge door, she joked.

She’s a go-getter, no doubt — and she loves to work hard and play hard. But she also is reflective. Her favorite book is “The Alchemist” and the reason why she holds it close to her heart speaks volumes about who she is. “(I love) its simple message to follow your dreams despite the inevitable hardships along the way.”


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