laser tattoo removal


It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Do you have a butterfly on your back that screams ‘I was young… in the ’90s’ or a date plastered on your body that you’d rather forget — or worse — a tattoo ring, or the name of your ex? Well, tattoos used to be forever. But thanks to lasers, you can erase the inked records of your past.

At Strother Dermatology the laser treatments are the best because they pride themselves on having the top tools and training. That’s why they choose PicoSure — an advanced laser treatment that helps erase multi-colored and black tattoos. It works quicker than other lasers — some tattoos can be completely removed in as little as three treatments. And if you’ve tried laser tattoo removal somewhere else and it didn’t do the trick (still seeing the ghost of that butterfly?) have no fear. The Strother pros may be able to remove it completely with PicoSure.